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Westwise Consult Inc. | Tax, Accounting, Audit, Management Services, Philippines

  • Efficient Tax and Accounting
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    Westwise Consult Inc. is a stock corporation formed and organized under existing laws of
    the Republic of the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),
    created for the purpose of engaging in the business of providing
    accounting and tax management and consultancy services.

Helping Our Clients Find Success

Thru efficient accounting and tax management and consulting services

Westwise Consult Inc., Philippines

Professional Accounting, Tax, Bookeeping Management and Consultancy Services

Our company, composed of experienced certified public accountants (CPAs), provides outsourced services covering financial consulting, bookkeeping, payroll process, business permit applications, and any other government required registrations – from recording and compiling transactions and maintaining books of accounts to preparing statutory reports, financial statements, and other management reports. We do the heavy-lifting so our clients can focus on the operations of their business, and on where it matters.

Portfolio and Projects

Our Accounting and Tax-Related Services

We help clients comply with their corporate and individual tax obligations with the tax authorities through determining their tax liabilities (e.g., withholding taxes, value-added tax, income tax), preparing related returns, and remitting these taxes to the tax authorities within the prescribed deadlines.

Current $9.99
Target $9.99

Business Closure

Business closure is the process in which the business owners can apply for cancellation of the registered business name, and safely close the business. Process business closure to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and other government agencies to avoid unnecessary penalties and tax issues.
expired Days to go - 100% Funded
Current $5,000.00
Target $15,000.00

Accounting Compilation

Compilation services are performed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A CPA can provide different levels of service related to a company's financial statements. There are three general levels of compilation financial statement service: audit, review, and compilation. The professional compiles the financial data for each company or organization.
expired Days to go - 33.3% Funded
Current $2,000.00
Target $15,000.00

PEZA Compliance

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) entity tasked with encouraging foreign investment in the Philippines. Westwise Consult Inc. will help you Identify options that best fit your organization's needs and maximize the perks and benefits of outsourcing and offshoring in the Philippines.
expired Days to go - 13.3% Funded
Current $12,000.00
Target $75,000.00

Handling Tax Case

A tax case is an investigation of an individual or company to resolve a dispute with the BIR. Those caught evading taxes are subject to criminal charges and penalties. Westwise Consult Inc. is a firm in the Philippines with a Certified Tax Accountant that helps individuals and companies diligently handle their tax compliance.
expired Days to go - 16% Funded
Current $19,000.00
Target $45,000.00

Tax Planning

Tax planning refers to financial planning for tax efficiency. Tax planning involves making financial and business and coming up with strategies and decisions to minimize tax incidence.
expired Days to go - 42.2% Funded
Current $5,000.00
Target $20,000.00

Treasury Management

Our treasury management services helps streamline business finances by managing corporate and personal cash, investments, and other financial assets.
expired Days to go - 25% Funded
Current $5,000.00
Target $18,000.00

Payroll Management

Payroll management is the administrative task of the HR to compensate employees for services rendered within a specific time frame. It isn’t restricted only to salaries that employees may get.
expired Days to go - 27.8% Funded
Current $6,500.00
Target $21,000.00

Tax Compliance

Paying tax is a civic obligation to all citizens living in the Philippines. Required by the authorities to comply with the laws and regulations and the requirements set forth by BIR.
expired Days to go - 31% Funded
Current $6,000.00
Target $16,000.00

Financial Advisory

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expired Days to go - 37.5% Funded
Current $6,000.00
Target $25,000.00

Accounting and Management Consultancy

We at Westwise Consult Inc. assist global and local companies seeking to invest in the Philippines and have tax accountants on staff to assist with tax matters. Management consultants help companies enhance their performance by offering expert advise on how to address challenges and expand.
expired Days to go - 24% Funded
Current $6,000.00
Target $12,000.00

Financial Audit

A financial audit is an important tool to confirm the accuracy of your financial statements. All audits provide valuable and in-depth information about a company.
expired Days to go - 50% Funded
Current $5,000.00
Target $15,000.00

Business Registration

Registering a business is a wise and rewarding decision for you as an entrepreneur. Choosing the form your business takes is also beneficial; from the incidence of registration or incorporation. There are also legal and marketing advantages to registering a business name.
expired Days to go - 33.3% Funded

Accounting by the Book. Performance with Trust.

Westwise Consult Inc. facilitates foreign and local companies registering and doing business in the Philippines. Our company has been privileged to work with diverse private sector companies and organizations.

Accounting, Taxes, and Audit

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Consulting and Advisory

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Mergers, Acquisition and Closures

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Risks, Analytics and Financial Advisory

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